17 April 2008


Dear Christine and Lee

We want you to know that our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. If we’re not mistaken today is the third anniversary of Scott and the eight others in Bali.  Be assured  God has a plan for all  though at times it is hard for us to see.

We suspect you know the story of one of the last people executed in Queensland, but here goes the brief version.

Patrick Kenniff was hanged in Boggo Road goal in Brisbane in1903 for murdering two men – one being a policeman.

The trial was controversial at the time (vested interests and politics were in play), and the case became the catalyst for Queensland being the first state in Australia to get rid of the Death Penalty in 1922. 

That’s something special for Queenslanders to hold on to.  God too always has something special for us.

Yours sincerely,

God bless


PS James Kenniff the co-accused did time, was released and lived the rest of his life without problems with the law.

Steele Rudd the writer witnessed the execution but not sure if he wrote about it.




















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