I apologise for bringing shame on Indonesia and Australia, my parents, family and friends. I am very, very sorry for my actions.

I  know many people have been hurt by illegal drugs, such as my parents,  and people who take illegal drugs, and I am so sorry.

I did say all this publicly in court.

My name is Scott Anthony Rush and since August 2005 I have been a resident at the Kerobokan prison in Bali.

 Prior to arrival in Bali I tried my hand at many things construction, retail, finance, and was part way through the process of applying for a position in the Royal Australian Air Force.

I enjoyed playing Rugby League and Rugby Union, cricket and
basically any other sports I could get my hands on. I even tried ice hockey
for a short time.
In Kerobokan I have retained my interest in sport by
coaching the locals in the simple rules of Rugby and they seem to take it on very well and we have tried to keep up the momentum with regular matches. 

Unfortunately there is no rink in here to start up my hockey tutorial. I have tried to keep my mind sharp by enrolling in a business correspondence
course with the Australian Medical
Association; I've also continued to take time for my religious studies and am an active participant in regular church services.
They must have heard me singing in the shower one day, because they also asked me to join the choir.
My faith has undoubtedly made the difference in keeping me strong and my focus on a brighter future.

In an attempt to strengthen my business acumen, I have engaged with some in local inmates to produce some silver products and consider this a positive route to establishing a foundation for my self-sufficiency. I thank God for my
parents who have helped me so much and would like to ease the long-term financial burden on them by actively trading this jewellery.
I got the idea when I had a bracelet made for my Mother
for her birthday. She liked it very much and I have a matching bracelet to remind me of her presence even though we are separated.
I always have thoughts of my family and friends and thank
them all for their support. I very much like receiving letters, visits and phone calls.
Communication with the outside world keeps my spirits high.
I would like to thank everyone for visiting this web site and let you all
know that I'm doing my best and all your support is appreciated.

God bless, Scott.



























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