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Reversal of the death sentence recently imposed on Scott Rush.

March and April 2006. This was a very, very hard time for me. It is so hard getting my head around a “life sentence” and knowing what that means. And my parents went back home. As I said at my trial I deserve what I deserve but thinking about being here for so long stresses me out and makes me tired and depressed. And I am not a bad person I think.

It is definitely hard to get used to the time – it is so hot that it is hard to sleep and there is so much noise from other prisoners and guards, and just noise. Then when I get to sleep it is nearly daytime and time to wake up. Get a routine my parents say!!!
Well that is easier said than done.

Sometimes people come to visit me. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having visits and getting mail – not the hate mail though – but sometimes it is hard to be nice and happy when I am tired and stressed. So excuse me if I’m not at my best when you come to visit or I haven’t written back.

Good things happen. I get some great parcels and letters and that shows people care. And I started my course of study straight away but I need more motivation to keep going and complete it.

Then there was the news that the other Aussies had their sentences reduced. I was so happy and excited until I realised that I wasn’t so fortunate. That really knocked me. My lawyer came to see me about an appeal to the Supreme Court. Of course, I want to appeal and know it is a scary time.
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