" Don't bury us before we are dead"

Angels of 9

                                                                 11th January2006

Last night I was speaking to an angel.  In the dream I saw my blue canvas with one angel outlined in gold pen.  I was saying to the effect “Angels I an painting a picture for the Bali 9, please if you have any messages to pass on to them let me know”.

This is the story of “Angels of 9”.

I know I was guided to get some legal experience in Bali.  I assisted Mr Colin Macdonald QC on the now famous case “Bali 9”.  The time in Bali has enriched my life.

After meeting with Chris and Lee Rush I knew I had to do something to let them know that there are higher purposes for what happens to us in life.

On January 3rd 2006 I decided to paint 9 angels.  I have seen these angels in my dreams and up there in the clouds.  I pray these 9 angels will give comfort, strength, courage, hope, faith and love to all the Bali 9 and especially the families.

Meardey Sokmongkol

Angels of 9 

                                                                    5th June 2006

I kept praying, “Angels please give me a message to pass onto the people involved in the Bali 9”.  I saw my painting of the 9 angels in my visions a few days later.

The other day I said to my sister :I haven’t got any messages for the Bali 9.  I was hoping to get an inspirational word or phrases to put on the canvas”.

My sister replied, “The painting is obvious enough.  No word is required”.

“No matter what situation you are in, ask for the BEST”.

These words were said to me in my dream a few nights ago.  Angels are waiting to help us.   Just simply ask.

Love and light

Meardey Sokmongkol


This is making my head spin, I am sitting on Death Row, am I ?

If there is anything people can do please make it happen because I need a second chance at life.



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