14 September, 2006 Prayer to mark the beginning of the legal and political campaign to save the life of Scott Anthony Rush.

Almighty God
You are a God of justice and mercy. Please listen to our prayer. May the life of our son and the other young Australian citizens be spared? In his final sentence may Scott receive a penalty that fits his crime in accordance with Indonesian law and comparative justice. We pray that the disproportionate sentence he received and which not even the prosecutors asked for, be set aside.
We come from Australia and Indonesia is our next door neighbour. We enjoy the friendship of many Indonesian people and thankful for this.
We pray that the Australian Government uphold and advocate a value that lies at the heart of both our democracies Respect for Human Life. We pray that the Australian Government express its declared international position that it is against the imposition of the Death Penalty forcefully clearly and without ambiguity.
We pray that in this final legal process our son may be delivered from the Death Penalty to life and receive a just penalty that reflects the principle that the punishment fit the crime.
We ask this, Lord, trusting in your justice with humble and contrite hearts. Amen









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